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At the practice of Dr. Vascimini, we provide comprehensive dental care, including general dentistry treatments. Patients can find preventive care as well as treatment for numerous dental health problems. In addition to possessing great skill and expertise in providing numerous general dental treatments, Dr. Vascimini makes receiving dental care a pleasant experience because of their warm, personable chair side manner. If you need treatment for a dental problem, a regular dental exam, or help with another oral health issue, our team can provide the expert, compassionate care you need.

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Left unchecked, one little cavity can wreak havoc on your entire mouth!


As soon as you notice discoloration, sensitivity to temperature, or a little pain whenever you eat something sweet, come in for a visit!

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• Root canal (endodontic) therapy

• Preventive dentistry

• Family / children’s dental care

• Fluoride treatments

• Sealants

• Dental emergencies

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General dentistry services:

Good dental hygiene habits start young - with our dentist and hygenist reinforcing you lessons, your children will be taught the importance of oral care as we look after their developing teeth.

Give the kids something to smile about!

Root Canal (Endodontic) Therapy

Patients who have teeth with infected inner canals (or root canals) can have both health and function fully restored to their teeth with root canal therapy, or endodontic therapy. This treatment is a valuable defense against tooth loss, since it is an alternative to extraction of infected teeth.

The Root Canal Therapy Procedure

To perform a root canal treatment, we will first administer anesthetic, and then carefully remove the infected pulp from the root canal. Our dentist use rotary instrumentation with files for precise control when removing the infected pulp. If the tooth needs added support, we will place a post in the canal and secure it with dental cement. Then, we will fill the root canal with dental cement to add strength and cover the tooth with a dental crown to protect it.


According to the CDC, approximately 34 percent of Americans over the age of 30 suffer from periodontal disease, or gum disease. Given the prevalence of the disease, periodontal care is one of the more commonly provided general dentistry treatments at our office. Periodontal disease is the number one most prevalent disease in the world, yet it is the most preventable.


Periodontal disease is the infection of the gums, jawbone, and teeth by bacteria in built-up tartar. Initially, the disease causes inflammation, pain, and bleeding of the gums. As it progresses, the gum tissues around the tooth become corroded, forming periodontal “pockets” around the tooth. If left untreated, gum disease can eventually necessitate extraction of the tooth. The disease has also been linked to strokes, heart attacks, complications in pregnancy, and other serious systemic health hazards. Periodontal care can help curb the disease’s progression, remove and replace lost gum and bone tissue, and eliminate infection.